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Being in forest light
Being in forest light

This picture represents a lot of what I long to express in my photos.
I went out for a walk with an old friend on a sun bright summer’s day two years ago.
We had been walking by a lake and I could feel us passing a clump of trees, when I suddenly felt that feeling I sometimes get when a motif is looming. I stopped and took out Aquarella, my beloved camera.
My friend gave a start and exclaimed: “No, it’s too dark in there. This will not be a good picture!”
There I got a training session in following my own intuition. I took the picture straight into the forest. This is a challenge and a good lesson for me, when someone who sees with his or her physical eyes doesn’t believe in a picture I am about to take, but my feeling says something else.
Choosing a motif is like flirting with it. Or I would rather say that it isn’t me at all who actually chooses the motifs, they choose me!
When I later heard descriptions of the photo, I was deeply satisfied with the way it turned out, because I love the haziness, it brings so much excitement! …
I suppose that we all have different taste buds concerning photos: Some of us prefer sharp photos, and others, like me, enjoy blurriness.
Here I see a rich, green forest scene and the blurriness makes it all look more like a fairy tale, dreamy and magical …

I have put music to this picture so the picture and the piece of music are one work of art.

Have the bells chimbed yet
Have the bells chimbed yet?

An enchantingly mossy boulder and an interesting forest light on an inviting forest path.

Cloudias painting
Cloudias painting

Here the sky is the most important thing to me, for it looks like someone has been using a paintbrush up there. Someone has painted the sky…

Where the words cease up
Where the words cease up

I took this photograph when I was visiting a good friend in the south of Sweden two years ago. We took a walk to the sea and on our way there we passed this tree. I have gotten many descriptions of this picture, which means that I have seen it with many peoples’ eyes. I have been told that you can not see the roots of the tree. This awakens my imagination!
When I travel into this picture, I see it as if the tree is flying. It is a flying-tree.
I imagine what it would feel like to be sitting in a tree which is on a flight in space …

Have the bells stopped ringing
Have the bells stopped ringing?

I took this green picture from within the canopy of leaves, because I longed to experience the feeling of being inside the green room, with it’s mild shades of greenness.
I have been told that you can not really see what the picture depicts and that is all very well, because as I have said before: I love when it turns out that way!
Some people think that this photograph is abstract and exciting. In a green way!

Insights into Aquarellas mind
Insights into Aquarellas mind

The feeling I get from this picture is mainly a green peace. A kind of wild freedom … If you strain your eyes, you will be able to glimpse some spring flowers on the forest floor.

Do you speak Greenish?

When I became charmed by this motif I experienced an atmosphere of leafiness: Very rich greenery and lush waves of green shades.
I want to share with you how my close friend Angela described this picture. She said:
“Leafy bushes and a blue sky and in the bushes, the colours dance into each other…”
Another friend said that the picture is aquarellistic and stirs the imagination.
I feel rich when I visit this photograph!
There is an abundance here that makes me happy. If I would define the word luxury, this would be luxury for me: To be able to enjoy greenness and lushness, like a symphony or a beautifully set dinner table…
The picture invites me to disappear in the foliage, get lost there and surrender to a deeper and truer state of being …
It becomes beautiful like this in nature when the fairy tale beings dance, sing and create poetry. A poetic beauty is being born.
I am fond of this picture because it inspires me to write more fairy tales.
I like the thought that there is a language among the fairies called Greenish and you can grasp it if you feel love for all of nature.

Grönskans barn
The green children

In this photo I see a kind of tunnel made out of many shades of green.
This is where the green children live and play their everlasting games.
The green children are fairy tale beings who are eternal children.

Akvarellas drömljus
Aquarella's dreamlight

This was a sunny day in the fall.
When I took this photograph I experienced an interesting light in the forest.
I managed to get a mirror atmosphere, where the blue sky is mirroring itself in the lakewater. There is something enchanted over the picture, I think it has to do with the Autumn light …

The springs of enchantment
The springs of enchantment

Spring-new pine needles and a beautiful spring light, which darkens in the middle of the picture.
The spring sky is almost discernable …

The sky is blossoming
The sky is blossoming

Here I have taken a picture of my beloved cherry tree, a tree that I walk by during all seasons when I’ve taken my daily walk with a friend.
Here we can see the white cherry blossoms touching the summer blue sky and one could think that the blossoms are white, light summer clouds soaring up there in the glue …
The cherry tree and the sky have become one:
The sky is blossoming or the tree has grown clouds…
To me it sounds so romantic with a cloud tree! …
There one can pick clouds!!
What can you use clouds for??? As pillows in bed perhaps … It seems soft to lay there, sleeping on clouds…

Aquarellas longing
Aquarellas longing

Peculiar cloud patterns.
I don’t think I can think of anything that can inspire my imagination as much as clouds do…
The clouds attract me most in this picture, though I also see the sunshine, lighting up the forest scenery.

Aquarellas hiding place
Aquarellas hiding place

When I took this picture I experienced a lot of wind and movement there in the forest near the sea. When I walk into this picture I can play that there is a cable railway taking me up into the tree. The wind steers the cable railway. The tree turns with the wind and it somehow takes me upwards … Up there in the tree I find a hiding place in which I can sit and rest and listen to the forest.
If I would give this particular pine tree a new name, it would be: Wind-turner.
Everything in the picture feels round, no sharp or edgy contours.
The pine green meets the sky blue in a pleasantly exciting way.

Beyond human gaze
Beyond human gaze

Here we can see one of the trees in my garden, though a blurred version of it.
This is an example of one of those photos that I’ve taken where I intentionally shake my hands, in order to get that hazy atmosphere in the picture.
One of my friends calls this picture: The aquarelle tree.

Sunwarm tears

This photo is very dear to me, for it was one of the first photos I ever took.
It was an August morning in the summer of 2017 and the sun had just returned again after a rain shower.
Suddenly I saw with my inner eyes how very beautiful it must be when the sun shines on rain drops glittering in the grass.
With the camera in my hand, I dashed out into the garden and took a few pictures. This was the one I chose.

When I Became The View

This particular photograph is special to me because my intention here was to take a picture of the view from my living room window, but instead I caught my own reflection in the window.
One could think that there is someone else standing there outside the window, but it is me.

I am wildly grown
I am wildly grown

The way I see it: This picture contains fairy tale shapes. I mean to say: Shapes that belong in the fairy tale worlds.
Excitingly formed tree trunks that appear to be so deformed that they look like huge lumps. You can see where the trees begin but not where they end.
The picture is sunbright and it is possible to see the shadows of the trees.
In this picture many fairy tales live.

Playful peace
Playful peace

My intention here was simply to catch the waves. It might not be an easy task to do so, but my dream sort of came true, for you can see the waves in this picture.
There is something very soothing with water; Feeling and listening to waves… Like listening to someone breathing.
A peace in movement, a playful rest …

Ancient fot prints
Ancient fot prints

When I feel this picture I see different tinges and shades in a rock. I imagine that it is foot prints from some ancient being who has walked on the cliff with such heavy foot falls that they have left marks. The steps might have been taken a long, long time ago, so long ago that no one in living memory would have seen the being, but the rock remembers who it was that once walked on it…

Mossy roof
Mossy roof

The first word that comes to mind when I watch this picture is folklore. It feels truly folklorish: An Autumn atmosphere where you can enjoy yellowing leaves, both on the ground and in the trees. For me, the main part in this picture is the moss covered stump, in which I think that gnomes and the little people live and I imagine how it would feel to live in there and have such a magically beautiful, green roof.

The wandering pixie willage
The wandering pixie village

This picture is one of the twin pictures: Its’ sister is the photo called The scent of the world beyond, for they are the same motif, but they are still different.
When I took the picture, a kind of light phenomenon occurred from the sunlight and I imagine it to be a gateway leading into a village inhabited by the miniature people.

The scent of the world beyond
The scent of the world beyond

So, this is the twin picture of The wandering pixie village. The pictures are not identical, but the motif is basically the same, though the light phenomenon has changed and shifted it’s position here. I can no longer see the gateway into the miniature village, but a scent lingers in the air, an echo of the fairy tale village … This scent reminds me of honey or vanilla.

I have put music to this picture so the picture and the piece of music are one work of art.

Living in a fairy tale light
Living in a fairy tale light

A fallen tree.
It is almost completely barkless.
When I stopped because I felt that there was a motif calling me, I grasped that this place was a settlement for some kind of fairy tale beings.
The tree trunk has got some sprigs around it, which could be decorations that the beings living there have placed around their home.
In the background we see birch trees and the feeling I get is lush and green.
The background light tempts my imagination …

Rejoice in the rain before it has fallen
Rejoice in the rain before it has fallen

I took this photograph during the hot summer of 2018, when it was sunny every day and very dry for three months, which hitherto has been unusual in Sweden.
So it hadn’t been raining for a long time and the weather broadcast didn’t predict any rain either.
I had gone to bed to take a power nap. I dreamed that it rained, a heavy shower came down. I was cheering and I danced out into my garden, where I layed down on the sun warmed ground. My terrace warmed up the rainwater, so it felt like lying in a bathtub, slowly filling up with water.
After a short while, it stopped raining, but it came back quite quickly.
I was awakened from my dream when my father called. He lives in Switzerland and had just seen on the internet that it was raining in the area where I live. I told him that it was not possible, because no one had said that it was going to rain that day. Just then, I heard something tapping on my window panes. It had started to rain! A real sky fall …
My dream apparently was a true dream, because everything happened exactly as it had in my dream: I dashed out and layed down on my terrace, enjoying the warm rain that washed over me… It felt lovely after all the drought.
After a while, the rain ceased and just as it had been in my dream: Another shower came after a few minutes.
This picture was taken during the period in between the two showers.
I have been told that the clouds here create several layers. It looks exciting.

Isadoras memorial tree
Isadoras memorial tree

I have named this picture in the honor of my close, dear friend Isadora, whom I will always love deeply and miss very, very much …
The tree in the forefront of the picture looks as if it’s been here a while and been through a lot, just like my friend.
This tree is gnarled and almost completely without any bark.