About me

My name is Nenne Panrike and I am a multidimensiontal artist.
On this website I present my beloved creations.
I do not see with my physical eyes, but I hope that my photos, my music, my autobiography, my necklaces and my lectures will be able to bring you at least a glimpse of my inner worlds.
When I take a picture I see my motif with my inner eyes and when someone describes the photo to me afterwards I see it with that person’s eyes.
I particularly appreciate when people describe my photographs as blurred.
For me bluriness encourages depth and excitement, it is watering for the imagination. I mean to say: You can see a new shape every time you look …
I call my art form aquarealism, my theory being that inside me I see colours and shapes in an aquarellistic way: Mild, soft and dreamy.
Before I continue, I would like to add that I alone do not voice all blind peoples’ perspectives; We are individuals! I can only describe my own reality, no one else’s!
From time to time I put music to one of my pictures and for me that makes the pictures even more alive.
Most of the time I improvise when I sing and also when I photograph.
I call my camera Aquarella. So when you come across that name here on my website, you’ll know who I am refering to. (I usually give my machines names, it makes my relationship with them deeper)

When I create a necklace I feel as if I am painting my inner land scapes and each and every pearl and shade has been intuitively chosen to fill a certain purpose.
My speciality is that I use dried rose buds in my necklaces.

I describe my artistry more in depth in My book, which you will be able to find on the subpage entitled: Autobiography.

Nenne Panrike
Nenne at a spring exhibition