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Listen to Antidote – Nenne Panrike

In this book I philosophise about sight and what it truly is to see. I don’t see with my physical eyes but I don’t think of myself as being blind, I just think that I see in a different way. I have a very rich inner life and here I am going to share with you how I experience colors and how my creativity literally has saved my life, eased physical pain and soothed anxiety.

I will also tell you about my travels: The years when I traveled all around the world being voluntarily homeless and making a living busking. Throughout my book I hope you will be able to glimpse the inspiring people that I’ve met: Like the chandelier cleaner, the chocolate maker who gave me chocolates instead of coins, the duduk player and the man I call four-leaf-clover because he seemed to have four ears. I do not use people’s real names when they are mentioned in this book and although this is an autobiography I have made up some of the places I tell about.

For a very long time I’ve had my doubts about writing a book at all. The risk with publishing a book is that people who read it will believe everything I say and think it is “the Truth”. The way I see it, everything we say can be changed, no truth is permanent there are so many destinies and every single one has a story worth listening to. People I’ve met have often encouraged me to write about my life because I’ve done and seen many extraordinary things. But as I say: Everyone should have an opportunity to tell their story. Every life is extraordinary even if you haven’t traveled or met thousands of people or been out on amazing adventures in the world. My life has taught me that it is the little things that make the greatness.

I could have chosen to write a whole book about my traumatic childhood but I do not wish to brood on destructive issues, nor do I want to deny that I’ve had a lot of hardship in my life. What I do want is to present the fruits of my challenges.

“Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery, I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can”
Jane Austen

This book will contain both British and American English, since I grew up with both.

Nenne in a medieval dress

Here follows a poem that I wrote March 19, 2020

We are music.
Our origin lies in the sound.
May the sound heal all
and remind us that we actually already are whole.
May the healing-song
resound in each and every heart.
May the angel embrace surround us all
with silkiness and softness.
May the breath of life occur
where it is needed most.
May the freshness of the spring air
flow into the lungs of humanity.
May a breath of relief
whisper in every heart.
May the healing sounds find their way
into all the nooks and crannies
and work where healing is mostly needed.
May we fill ourselves
and our surroundings
with heart-shaped thoughts.
May we welcome our feelings
as if they were babies
in need of embracing.
May we be able to see
that life is poetry.
May we light new candles within,
so that we will be able to see
with constantly new eyes,
renewing eyes, playful eyes …
May we reach beyond
the comfort of habits and limitations
and find a resting place
beyond time and space.
May the bewilderment unite us.
May our inner most fulfilment take form.
May the best for all occur.
May the best inner most healing occur!

- Inner Eyes -

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